Grønlandsleiret 15 has a long history as a meeting place and social scene. Schous Brewery built the current structure in 1892, and from 1894 and onwards the building was rented by Grønlands Folketheater and used for cabarés and theater productions. In 1904 it was rebuilt into a restaurant and café, and from that day forward it has housed a number of famous and  infamous establishments.

  Olympen has been renovated and rebuilt several times throughout the years. In 1927 the architect Lars Backer enhanced and expanded the building - changing the facade and building a roof terrace. 1961-1963 Olympen was redecorated in a style that can only be described as 'French burlesque', but after massive protests it soon returned to it's original design.

  In October 2006 the building changed hands yet again, and after more than a year of renovations Olympen Mat og Vinhus (or 'Lompa' as it is called by the locals) reopened in its current guise. The atmosphere however is the same as it's always been - dark wood, brass details and huge chrystal chandeliers to match the old paintings of local scenery. The cuisine is hearty and the convivial enjoyment of good drinks and good conversation recalls the ambience of traditional continental beer halls.